Our goal is to let you to concentrate on your business, research or services. We work behind the scenes to ensure your success.

Who we are

With over 100 years of experience with big data, software development, life sciences and finance, Bluejay offers on-demand expertise and solutions to solve software and data problems, allowing our customers to focus on scientific progress and business advancements without getting chained by day-to-day data processing or technical challenges.

What we do 

  • Comprehensive data sciences offering, including big data analytics, algorithm development, machine learning, visualization, presentation, and design
  • Genomic Analysis, including NGS and single cell RNA Seq
  • Multi-omic data analytics, algorithm and pipeline development
  • Develop databases, data repositories
  • Process, manage, and store data
  • LIMS development
  • Software development including website design


Address: 1 Technology Drive, Tolland, CT 06084, USA 

Eliminating data roadblocks 

1 Technology Drive, Tolland CT, 06084, USA

Enabling you to focus on your passion - growing business or advancing science